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All Indiana solariums are wonderful additions to homes and they capture maximum sunlight through their special glass design. Solariums are different from sunrooms in that the ceilings as well as the walls are made of glass. They actually resemble greenhouses more than sunrooms, and allow homeowners to get a feel for the outdoors without experiencing extremes in hot or cold temperatures. A solarium can easily become the centerpiece of any home.
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The Indiana solarium installation experts in our network can design and construct a solarium that will complement the aesthetic qualities of the home. Solariums Indiana can provide a sunny spot in the home during the cold winter months and in the summer can allow for sunbathing in a climate controlled environment with no pesky bugs. Solariums are ideal rooms for plants and flowers which can thrive year round in the sunny rooms. They have the added benefit of increasing the value of a home and often homeowners can recoup the cost of construction when they sell their homes. Though they differ from conservatories, there are a plethora of choices when it comes to glass, flooring, roof styles and other design elements.

Indiana Solarium Costs

Indiana solarium installation costsPrices can vary greatly. Homeowners can make solariums Indiana as costly or as inexpensive as they wish depending on the construction choices they make. The size of the solarium, the type of glass and flooring, the roof style and other amenities can impact the cost. Temperature regulating glass like argon-filled and Low-E tend to cost more but make the room more comfortable. Natural stone and hardwood floors typically cost more than imitation floors. Cathedral and gable style roofs add a touch of class and elegance, but are more costly than the more common straight, curved or slanted roofs.

Enjoy the Sun throughout the Year

Do you have a sunny spot against a wall on your home that you would like to take advantage of during chilly weather or is there a section of your property that will benefit from more natural light? If so, you may want to consider having a solarium built in this spot. This will enable you and your family to spend time in the sun when it may be cold outside. If erected on a part of your home that doesn’t receive much sunlight, it will help provide additional light as well.
We have many experienced and pre-screened contractors available who will be able to assist you with designing and building your solarium. If required, they can simply erect your solarium as a small add-on to your existing structure, or they can build a complete unit – the choice is yours.
When having a solarium built by any of our professional contractors, it’s recommended that you spend as much as you can comfortably afford. This will enable the job to be done properly while allowing you to make the most of the sunny new space in your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will it take to erect a solarium on my property?

The timeframe required for this will depend on the size of the solarium that is being built, as well as the materials being used for the project. However, our contractors will be able to provide you with an estimate regarding how long the project is going to take before getting started.

2. Will it be expensive to erect a solarium?

These days, virtually any type of building work can be costly. However, when speaking with our contractors, it is recommended that you let them know in advance what your budget limitations are. This will enable them to work out an estimate for a project that you will be able to afford.
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